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Latest AeroWhatsApp Download [V10.24] | AeroWhatsApp for Android

AeroWhatsApp is one of the most famous mod applications for WhatsApp. We are providing you with the best downloading package for AeroWhatsapp. It has been used by thousands of people across the world. It offers a lot of extra features, which are not even available on other third-party applications.

In this post, we will provide you with complete information related to the Aerowhatsapp application. You must read every piece of information present in this post before downloading the Aerowhatsapp. So let us get started with understanding the basic information.

About Aerowhatsapp

AeroWhatsApp is a modified version of WhatsApp, just like YoWhatsApp or GBWhatsApp. It’s like a different version of the regular WhatsApp, offering extra features and customization options.


It offers various rich features that aren’t available on the official app. There are many benefits that you can get by these features but parallelly there are also certain disadvantages of using the Aerowhatsapp application, we will discuss everything in this post. Since the mod application is developed by an unknown third-party individual it is a third-party unofficial application. Let us move ahead and understand some of the advantages and features of this mod application.

Advantages of using the Aerowhatsapp mod 

There are a lot of advantages to using the Aerowhatsapp application. The major advantage is the extra features that the mod application is providing. Let us briefly understand some of the extra features that Aerowhatsapp is providing its users.

  • Enhanced Customization
Aerowhatsapp themes

You can customize many things in AeroWhatsapp mod application, which aren’t available on the official Whatsapp. You must try these customizations once in the AeroWhatsapp. You can have new Themes, Fonts and many more.

  • Additional Privacy Features
Aerowhatsapp privacy

It offers a lot of privacy features that are not yet available on the official Whatsapp application. Such as the ability to hide online status, read receipts, and typing indicators, giving users more control over their privacy. these features are really helpful.

  • Bigger File Sharing

This feature is available in almost all modified applications. You can use this application to share any kind of large files. In the official app, you need to think twice before sharing larger media items, sometimes it was even denied. But now there is no restriction if you use this AeroWhatsapp.

  • Improved Security Measures

The new version offers improved security measures which include chat lock, an anti-ban option, and extra app lock features. The official Whatsapp only allows you to add a fingerprint lock on the primary app lock. You can add a fingerprint, PIN or password on the app lock in Aerowhatsapp. 

These are some of the major benefits and features of the Aerowhatsapp application. However, it’s important to note that using modified versions of WhatsApp, including AeroWhatsApp, might pose security risks or lead to account restrictions from WhatsApp.

Let us move forward and discuss some major disadvantages of using the Aerowhatsapp mod application. 

Disadvantages of using the Aerowhatsapp mod 

Like every coin has two faces our mod application also has pros and cons. We have discussed some of the major advantages of the Aerowhatsapp application. Now let us discuss some potential risks and disadvantages of using the Aerowhatsapp mod application. 

  • Security Risks

There can be many security risks associated with Aerowhatsapp, but most of these risks aren’t proven. It is said that the developer of the app may read your chats and store your data. These types of things might indeed happen, but the companies claim that they aren’t doing this and your data is safe with Aerowhatsapp.

  • Bans and Restrictions

Your WhatsApp account may get banned, if the official company of Whatsapp finds you using the AeroWhatsapp mod. This is the worst or the most crucial decision WhatsApp may take, they might give you some warnings before banning your account. We suggest you to use your second mobile number and not the registered one with Whatsapp.

Aerowhatsapp disadvantages
  • Lack of Official Support 

Official WhatsApp won’t help you with any glitches or any other problems you might face using the AeroWhatsapp application. These third-party companies generally don’t help you with any difficulties you may face using these mod applications.

  • Malware Concerns

Downloading the Aerowhatsapp package from the internet may contain viruses, malware or corrupted files that might damage your computer. But you don’t have to worry if you download it from this website. Our professional developers check the package multiple times before uploading it for you. Which makes the download package the safest available on the internet. 

These are some of the main disadvantages or cons of using Aerowhatsapp. You must compare both, advantages and disadvantages before downloading the application.

Keep all the points in your mind before downloading. 

Download Aerowhatsapp 2024 for Android

You just need to download the package given below by clicking the download button in this post. Meanwhile, the package is downloading, open the settings on your phone, and open Chrome’s settings where you will find “Allow from this source.” Enable this setting and check if the application package is downloaded or not.

Aerowhatsapp settings

See if the application is downloaded, click it and the installing screen will open. The downloading time depends upon your internet speed. Click the install button, and your application will install within a few seconds. You will find the downloaded application at your phone’s home screen.

login Aerowhatsapp

Once the installation process is done, open the application and read the terms and conditions properly. Then accept the terms and fill in your secondary mobile number in the box given. We suggest you use your secondary number and not your primary number. So that your primary number doesn’t get banned. Click enter and enter the OTP received on your given number. And hit submit, like this, you will be logged in to your WhatsApp account. 

Like this, you can download and use the Aerowhatsapp on your Android devices. 

Aerowhatsapp for IOS

AerowhatsApp is primarily developed only for Android devices. iOS devices (iPhones and iPads) have more restrictions in installing modified apps due to their closed ecosystem and strict app policies.

Aerowhatsapp is not yet available for your IOS devices. But we are trying hard to make it possible to download Aerowhatsapp for your IOS devices Maybe in future the Aerowhatsapp will be available for your Apple device. But for now, you can’t download it on IOS.

Aerowhatsapp for PC

Android emulators

Yes, you can download the Aerowhatsapp mod for your PC. You need to download any Android emulator to use the Aerowhatsapp Android app on your PC. You just need to install any Android emulator like Bluestacks, NOX, MeMU or any other emulator of your choice. Then you need to open this blog post in your web browser or emulator. Then click the download button given above and follow the same process as Android in the Android emulator.

Once the app is logged in, you can use it freely just like the Android.


AeroWhatsApp contains a slight benefit over other modified applications. Its updates are uploaded regularly, and fastest. Whenever the official Whatsapp is updated, you will notice that within 1-3 days AeroWhatsApp update is shared.

In closing, AeroWhatsApp is a cool way to make chatting more fun. It has lots of neat things you can change, like colours and how things look. Using AeroWhatsApp is like adding some extra sparkle to your chatting world.

In the end, I would like to add that the package that I provided you in this post is completely safe and virus-free. You can download it without any malware or any worries. 

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