Backup your GBWhatsApp account with Google Drive [Easiest way in 2024]

GBWhatsapp is a top choice for people who want their Whatsapp more advanced and full of unique features. If you are looking for a third-party modified application for WhatsApp. GBWhatsapp is the top consideration, GBWhatsapp provides you with various features that the official app doesn’t provide you. You can download the GBWhatsapp application from the blog post available on this website.

In this special post, we will explain the procedure of How to back up your GBWhatsapp with Google Drive. You need to follow the procedure given below. We have provided you with the easiest procedure available on the internet. You will be able to back up your GBWhatsapp account very easily. But before that let us start by understanding the basic information.

What are GBWhatsApp and Google Drive?

Let us briefly understand what WhatsApp is and what is Google Drive. Through this section, you will understand the basic knowledge very clearly.

  • GBWhatsApp
GBWhatsapp logo

GBWhatsapp is a modified application for our most loved chatting application Whatsapp. GBWhatsapp is a third-party unofficial app that is developed by third-party developers. You can not find it on the official Google Play Store. You can only download it through the Internet.

The package that we provide you to download the GBWhatsapp is the safest application available on the whole internet. You can read more on the particular blog of GBWhatsapp’s latest version download.

  • Google Drive
Drive logo

Google Drive is a server owned by the parent company Google which provides storage to people. So that they can store their personal or private data online. This concept is helpful to people. The data can be stored and people can be stress free to manage the data. And they can be tension-free of data loss.

You can get Google Drive storage at a some monthly charges. Many apps’ data can be stored in Google Drive like WhatsApp, gallery and many more. You can even store the data of your GBWhatsapp in Google Drive. 

Why to store GB WhatsApp Data in Google Drive? 

There is a list of benefits why you must save your GBWhatsapp data to Google Drive. Let us discuss some of the main reasons or benefits of storing your GBWhatsapp data in Google Drive. 

  • Backup & Restore
backup your GBWhatsapp to Google drive

Google Drive allows you to create a backup of your GBWhatsApp data, ensuring that if your phone gets lost or gets theft, changes phones or accidentally deletes the app, you can easily restore your chats and media.

  • Save Space
space logo

GBWhatsApp can accumulate a lot of data, including chat history, photos, and videos. By storing this kind of data in Google Drive, you free up space on your device, keeping it from getting full.

  • Safety & Security 
security logo

Google Drive provides a secure space to keep your GBWhatsApp data. It’s encrypted and accessible only by you, protecting your information from being lost or accessed by unauthorized people.

  • Convenience
convenience logo

Storing your data to Google Drive is helpful when you want to access your uploaded data from anywhere or on any phone. You can access the uploaded data from any point on Earth. Which makes Google Drive helpful if you travel a lot.

Let us move ahead and move towards the section which you are waiting for. How to Backup your GBWhatsApp account with Google Drive.

Backup your GBWhatsApp account with Google Drive [Easiest method]

You can follow the simple steps given below to back up your GBWhatsapp data to Google Drive. 

backup your GBWhatsapp to Google drive

Step 1: Tap “Backup” in settings 

Open your GBWhatsapp and then open the settings option. Then click the chats option and then the “Backup” button. You will find a green colour button saying “Backup”. When you click it your data backup will be done. 

Step 2: Open file manager 

Open the file manager of your Android phone. And then copy the “GBWhatsapp” named folder and store it somewhere safe. Ike this you will be able to back up your GBWhatsapp data. 

Now you can delete the GBWhatsapp application. Your data is safe, when you download the GBWhatsapp again or the original WhatsApp, you can follow the steps given below to restore your data. 

Restore your stored data

Follow the easy steps given below to restore your previous data after reinstalling the application. 

Step 1: Copy the safe stored data

Go to the folder where you safely stored the data. Copy the folder that you stored previously. 

Step 2: Paste it to the root folder

Copy the folder and then move to the root folder of the new GBWhatsapp or official folder that you downloaded now. Click the paste option to restore the previous data. Like this, you can restore the previous data. 

We have shown you both, how to backup your GBWhatsapp data and how to restore the data again. You just need to follow the above given simple steps. 

Why is GBWhatsapp Data so Important?

GBWhatsapp data is very important, that’s why we are storing it for use in future. You can backup and restore your GBWhatsap’s data to Google Drive by following the procedure given above.

backup your GBWhatsapp to Google drive

Your GBWhatsapp data must be very important because it contains everything that has been shared on the application. Your chats, history, shared videos, photos, voice and everything is stored in the data folder of GBWhatsapp. You can keep this data securely on Google Drive. 

It may contain your important shared documents like official documents, government documents and much more. 

Backup your GBWhatsApp data to your PC

You can share your old phone’s WhatsApp data to your PC by following the easy steps given below.

Step 1: Install the iToolab RecoverGo(WhatsApp) on your PC

Install the tool RecoverGo(WhatsApp) software on your PC through the internet. Install it and then launch it. 

Step 2: Connect your phone to your PC

Connect your Mobile phone from which you want to transfer data of GBWhatsapp to your PC via USB to USB C cable. 

Step 3: Click the “Backup and View WhatsApp Data” option

Once your mobile is connected to your PC click the  Backup and View WhatsApp Data option. You are now just one step away from creating a backup on your PC.

Bckup your data to PC

Step 4: Click the Backup Now option

You will see an option saying “Backup Now” at the right corner of your computer’s screen. Click it to back up your GBWhatsapp files to your PC. Your GB Whatsapp data will start transferring to your PC. 

Step 5: You can click the folder

Once the backup is completed. You can browse the backed-up files from the software’s interface. You can see what files and data have been transferred.

I think now we understand how to back up the GB Whatsapp’s data. We have provided you with the 2 easiest ways to back up your GB Whatsapp’s data. you can follow any of the methods to safely back up and secure your data.


When you back up your GBWhatsapp data, your data is been secured and you can access it or copy it when your phone is lost or you can’t access your phone. You can back up your GBWhatspp data to Google Drive by the steps given above. Which is the best method to back up your data securely 

You can follow the second method if you have a PC which is another good method to store or back up your important data. You can restore the data by again transferring it to your phone. The steps are very easy and can be done by anyone. 

I hope you liked the information that I provided you in this post. And the information will help you at any point in your chatting experience. 

In the end, I would like to say that. Back up your GBWhatsapp with Google Drive as soon as possible. Which will make your data more secure. 

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