GBWhatsapp Pro V/S Whatsapp (Official) Which type of WhatsApp is best?

GBWhatsapp Pro is an unofficial modified app for the messenger app Whatsapp. It is been modified by a third-party company or individual, which offers certain extra features compared to the original Whatsapp.

This modified app gained popularity due to its expanded functionalities and flexibility. GBWhatsApp Pro has become very popular within some years due to its extra capabilities and flexibility.

Comparison between GBWhatsapp Pro and Whatsapp

In this post, we are going to discuss about the GBWhatsapp Pro features. We will be comparing the original WhatsApp to the mod GBWhatsApp Pro. Which will give you a complete overview of why GBWhatsapp Pro is better. But before that let’s start with some basics. 

What is WhatsApp?

Whatsapp is one of the most popular social media chatting apps. Which is owned by the parent company “META”. It was founded by Jan Koum and Brian Acton in 2009 and quickly gained popularity for its simple interface and ease of use.

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Still, Whatsapp lacks some advanced features that mod apps provide, which are beyond the capability of official Whatsapp because of its privacy and security concerns. You can get the official WhatsApp app from the Google Play Store for your Android device and from the Apple Store for your IOS device. 

What is GBWhatsapp Pro?

GBWhatsapp Pro is the modified application for Whatsapp from META. You can get a lot of rich features in the modified app, which you can’t get in the official Whatsapp application. One of the key features of GBWhatsApp Pro is enhanced privacy settings.

Users can hide their online status, blue ticks (read receipts), and even typing status. This level of control over privacy settings isn’t available in the official WhatsApp. There are many more features like this on the GBWhatsapp Pro App.

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Another notable feature is the ability to send larger files compared to the official WhatsApp. With GBWhatsApp Pro, users can share larger videos, audio files, and documents, surpassing the file size limitations of the original app.

Let us discuss more additional features of GBWhatsapp Pro briefly. 

Features of GBWhatsapp Pro

You can have a look at the features present in GBWhatsapp Pro below. Comparison between Whatsapp and GBWhatsapp Pro.

  • More Themes and Customization

The modified application provides much more themes and customization to its users if compared to the official app. Whatsapp only provides 2 basic themes i.e. Dark and Light. But the GBWhatsapp pro provides you with many colourful themes and trending themes. You can download more theme packages from the third-party theme store.

  • GBWhatsApp Pro’s in-built app-lock feature

The official Whatsapp only provides the fingerprint lock, which sometimes makes it harder to unlock. And it also opens the possibility of issues. If your fingerprint sensor is corrupted you will face difficulties in opening the lock. But the GBWhatsapp Pro application allows you to add fingerprint, pin, and pattern and also provides you with the recovery option. Which is the best option to secure your WhatsApp without any problem’s possibility.

  • Secure particular chats using the chat lock

You can add a lock on some particular private chats through the GBWhatsapp Pro application. This is another rich privacy or security feature of GBWhatsapp Pro that the official app doesn’t provide. On the official app, it only allows you to add the fingerprint option on the opening of the app. But through GBWhatsapp Pro you can get double security.

  • Download Photo and Video statuses
Comparison between GBWhatsapp Pro and Whatsapp

You can download photos and videos of the status of your contacts through GBWhatsapp Pro. GBWhatsapp Pro provides you with a button on the status section, through which you can download anybody’s status directly to your gallery. The official Whatsapp doesn’t provide you with this feature.

  • Enable Anti-Delete Message

You can enable this option, present in the settings of GBWhatsapp Pro apk. Through this, you will be able to see deleted messages from your contacts. It is one of the most loved features present in the GBWhatsapp Pro apk. This feature is the most exclusive feature that the official Whatsapp dont provide.

  • Copy the caption statuses of your contacts

Another rich feature is present in the GBWhatsapp Pro mod application. Which allows you to copy the written statuses of your contacts. You just need to click on the written status of your contact, and the status will be copied to your clipboard.

There are many more features present in the modified application. You can experience it by downloading the GBWhatsapp Pro through this blog. Let us move forward and compare the GBWhatsapp Pro and official WhatsApp.

Comparison between GBWhatsapp Pro and Whatsapp

We are providing you a small table of comparison between the official app and the modified app. This will give you a very simple and straight view of comparison.

Comparison between GBWhatsapp Pro and Whatsapp

Comparison AspectWhatsAppGBWhatsApp Pro
Official StatusOfficial messaging app by WhatsApp Inc.Unofficial modification by third-party developers
SecurityEnd-to-end encryption for secure messagingPotential security risks due to unofficial nature
FeaturesBasic messaging, calls, media sharing, groups, status updates, WhatsApp BusinessEnhanced privacy settings, customization, larger file sharing, message scheduling, additional features not in original WhatsApp
SupportRegular updates, official supportNo official support, potential lack of updates
PrivacyStrong emphasis on user privacyRisks associated with using unofficial third-party app
LegitimacyCompliant with WhatsApp’s terms of serviceViolates WhatsApp’s terms of service, may lead to account bans
CustomizationLimited customization optionsExtensive themes, colors, and settings customization
File SharingStandard file size limitationsAbility to share larger files exceeding WhatsApp’s limits
Message SchedulingNot availableAllows scheduling messages for future delivery
Risk of BansLow likelihood of account bansHigher risk due to violation of terms of service

These comparisons highlight various aspects including security, features, support, privacy, and legitimacy between WhatsApp, the official messaging app, and GBWhatsApp Pro, the unofficial modified version.

Is GBWhatsapp Pro safe?

Comparison between GBWhatsapp Pro and Whatsapp

The answer to this question is YES, if you download the GBWhatsapp Pro from this website, it is completely safe to use. The answer or this question may vary according to the sources you download from.

Our developers check the application multiple times before uploading the software. And it is always safe to use. We are corrupted files free, virus free and provide complete original files for GBWhatsapp Pro.

Disadvantages of GBWhatsapp Pro?

We had a complete look at the advantages and features of GBWhtsapp Pro. But like a coin has 2 faces every good thing has disadvantages. Let us have brief information about the disadvantages of GBWhatsapp Pro.

  • Account Bans
Security image

It is been seen that sometimes the official server of Whatsapp bans your Whatsapp account. The official server doesn’t allow you to use any third-party app WhatsApp. And strictly instruct you not to use the same number that is registered on the official WhatsApp.

This is because of the hard work done by the people related to WhatsApp. This looks unfair because most of the work is done by WhatsApp itself. That’s why they take strict actions and ban the account.

  • Lack of Official Support

The official Whatsapp provides software support to every Whatsapp user. And the modified app doesn’t always provide you the support that the official one does. which gave another negative point to the GBWhatsapp Pro mod apk. 

  • Privacy Concerns

While GBWhatsApp Pro offers enhanced privacy settings, it also poses privacy risks. Since it’s not officially supported, the app may not guarantee the same level of end-to-end encryption and privacy protection as the original WhatsApp.

The third-party app can steal your personal data. This happens sometimes when using third-party apps. You can trust the official apk more if compared to the mod application.

  • No Regular Updates
Comparison between GBWhatsapp Pro and Whatsapp

You will not get the latest updates of the official app at the same time when WhatsApp gives. You have to wait for certain days for the updates for GBWhatsapp Pro. The third-party developers need to check the official app’s updates, modify them and then updates are given, which is a long process.

  • Compatibility Issues 

GBWhatsApp Pro might not always be compatible with all devices or the latest versions of operating systems. This can lead to functionality issues, glitches, or crashes on certain devices. It can’t be used directly on your PC devices. You need to install another Android emulator on your PC to run GBWhatsapp Pro.

How to download the GBWhatsapp Pro?

To download the GBWhatsapp Pro Mod application you can visit the homepage of this blog. You will find a download button present on the homepage. You will get a complete process of how to download the GBWhatsapp Pro from this blog. You can follow those easy steps to get the GBWhatsapp Pro. 

Comparison between GBWhatsapp Pro and Whatsapp

I think, now we have gathered enough information related to the comparison between Whatsapp and GBWhatsapp Pro.


Considering these advantages and disadvantages, users should carefully weigh the additional features of GBWhatsApp Pro against the potential risks and consider sticking to the official WhatsApp to ensure security, privacy, and consistent support. Still, you can use the GBWhatsapp Pro because of its rich and additional features. 

GBWhatsApp Pro offers various additional features and customization options, but its use raises concerns about security, privacy, and legitimacy. WhatsApp, as the official app, focuses on security, regular updates, and support, emphasizing user privacy through end-to-end encryption. 

In the end, it is your choice to choose between the official application and the modified application. 

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