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OGWhatsApp Latest Version 2024| Download the latest v17.85 of OGWhatsApp

Whatsapp is the most loved chatting application across the globe. Almost every person having a smartphone uses the Whatsapp application. There are many mod applications available for Whatsapp, in which one of the most loved mod applications is OGWhatsapp.

Whatsapp was developed in 2009 by Jan Koum and Brian Acton. Eventually, it became very popular worldwide and everybody is now addicted to this application. But still, this official application lacks some advanced features. Which our third-party modified applications are providing us.

In this post, we will be talking about OGWhatsapp’s Latest version download. So let’s get started without any further delay. 

What is OGWhatsapp?

OGWhatsapp logo

OGWhatsapp is an unofficial version of Whatsapp with advanced features. You can get this modified version only on the internet and website. Google Play Store doesn’t allow these types of unofficial third-party applications.

The key feature of OGWhatsApp is its ability to allow users to run two WhatsApp accounts on a single device, which can be handy for managing personal and professional contacts separately. Like this, there are numerous features that the modified application provides to its users. We will be talking about all the rich features present in the OGWhatsapp.

Download OGWhatsapp 2024 [Latest Version]

In this developing and fast-paced era. Everybody has a smartphone and wants advanced features in their daily applications. Whatsapp, Telegram and Messenger are the most popular applications for chatting. Many modified applications are present for these applications. You can also have a look at FMWhatsapp download post.

You can download the latest version of OGWhatsapp from the download button given below. We assure you that the download package that we provide you is completely safe, virus-free and never contains any corrupted files. You can download the application without any worries. This package is the best package available on the whole internet.

You can download the application by following some very easy steps which we will be talking about in this post. 

Process to download OGWhatsApp for Android

If you want to download the latest version of OGWhatsapp on your phone. Without any risk, you must follow the easy steps given below. 

OGWhatsapp download for Android

Step 1: Click the download button

Click the download button given in this post. It might take a few minutes to download. Meanwhile, you follow the next step.

Step 2: Enable the settings

Open the settings of your phone and then open the app’s permission. Enable the “Allow from this source” permission, in your Chrome’s settings. Through this, you will be able to install the application without any blocker. 

Step 3: Install the application

Once the application is downloaded, check it and click the Install button. To install the application on your Android device. After installation follow the next step to log in.

Step 4: Log in

Open the installed application, and allow the terms and conditions. Enter your secondary number and then hit submit, enter the received OTP on your given number to log into your Whatsapp account. 

Like this, you can now access OGWhatsapp and use all the features present in the app. 

How to Download OGWhatsapp for PC Devices?

OGWhatsapp download for PC

To download the modified application for your PC. You can use the Android emulators, You can use any Android emulator from Bluestacks, LDPlayer, Nox, MeMU, Or any other of your choice. At very first you need to install any of these software in your PC. Then open the software and open this blog post in the web browser of the emulator. After opening this blog post click the download button given in this post. Let the application download in your emulator on your PC.

Once the application is downloaded, enable the “Allow from this source” settings in the emulator. And then install the application. After installing, log in with the procedure given above. It’s almost the same for PC and Android. 

Like this, you can install the OGWhatsapp on your Android device or PC device. You just need to follow these easy steps. Let us move forward and understand some of the rich features of OGWhatsapp. 

Key Features of OGWhatsapp

There are many rich features present in the OGWhatsapp let us discuss some of the main Rich features.

  • Dual Account

This is one of the most loved features present on the OGWhatsapp application. You can add multiple accounts to your OGWhatsapp mod Apk. On the official WhatsApp, you can only add a single account which limits the usage. This is useful for those who want to separate personal and professional contacts or manage multiple accounts simultaneously.

  • Enhanced Privacy

Another very popular feature present on the OGWhatsapp application is it allows you to add more privacy features. You can hide many things from your contacts just by enabling some of the settings. This feature can be found in almost all modified applications.

  • Customization Options

You can get more customization options available on your modified application. On the official WhatsApp, you just get 2 themes. One is a dark shade theme and the other is a Light shade theme. And the Mod application provides you with numerous themes. Which you can install and enhance your chatting experience. 

  • Larger Media Sharing

Official Whatsapp doesn’t allow you to share larger media files. But through this mod application, you can send any bigger file without any restrictions. If you want to share any movie, web series or any other documentary, you can share with the help of OGWhatsApp.

  • Read Deleted Messages

One of the most loved and useful features of our OGWhatsapp is it allows you to read deleted messages. You just need to turn on the setting and you will be able to read every delete message of your contacts.

These are some of the main and most loved features of the OGWhatsapp mod Apk. You can also backup your OGWhatsapp files to Google Drive by following the steps in this post Backup GBWhatsapp to Google Drive.

You can access all of these features on the OGWhatsapp application. 

Risks associated with OGWhatsapp

There are mainly two risks associated with downloading and using the OGWhatsapp application. 

Risks of OGWhatsapp
  1. Your official WhatsApp account may get banned if you use a third-party app for your WhatsApp. From your primary registered number
  2. As you know the application is a third-party application, which means it can steal your private data. The developer who has modified the application may steal your data. This isn’t proven but still, many people believe that the developers may steal your data. 

These are two major risks associated with using FMWhatsapp. Risks are present but the developers of OGWhatsapp claim that their app contains an anti-ban feature. And Whatsapp officials cannot find if your account is been logged in to the modified version. 

OGWhatsapp for IOS devices

The OGWhatsapp is only available for Android which can be accessed on PC devices through some extra software. But using the OGWhatsapp on your IOS device is not possible. Apple follows some very strict rules for their operating system. It won’t allow you to download any third-party application which consists of risks, because of its privacy concerns.

This means you can not access the OGWhatsapp or any third-party WhatsApp application for your IOS device. 

Comparison between OGWhatsapp and WhatsApp

Some points differ in both the mod and official application. The table given below will give you a brief overview of the difference between Whatsapp and OGWhatsapp.

Comparison of whatsapp and OGWhatsapp
Multiple AccountsAllows running two WhatsApp accounts on one deviceSupports only one account per device
Enhanced PrivacyOffers more privacy settings, such as hiding online status and read receiptsLimited privacy settings are available
CustomizationProvides extensive customization options for themes, fonts, and appearanceLimited customization options
Media SharingAllows larger file sizes, more images, and longer videos to be sharedHas restrictions on file sizes and number of images/videos
Official SupportLacks official support from WhatsApp developersRegularly updated and supported by WhatsApp
SecurityMight pose security risks as it’s a modified version not endorsed by WhatsAppConsidered more secure as it’s the official app
Terms of ServiceUsage might violate WhatsApp’s terms of serviceAbides by WhatsApp’s terms of service
UpdatesUpdates may not be as frequent or reliableRegularly receives updates and improvements
App SizeMight have a larger file size due to added featuresGenerally has a smaller file size
AvailabilityAvailable from third-party sourcesAvailable on official app stores

These points highlight some of the main differences between OGWhatsApp, a modified version with added features, and the standard WhatsApp, which is the officially supported messaging app by WhatsApp Inc.

I think now we have understood almost every possible detail related to OGWhatsapp.


OGWhatsapp is kind of giving your regular WhatsApp a boost with extra features. You can change things around a bit and have more control over your chatting. Using OGWhatsApp can make chatting more interesting and give you some cool options. You must try this modified application once in your lifetime. Once you start using this mod, there is no coming back to the official version. I hope you liked the discussion and your every doubt related to the OGWhatsapp is now clear. In the end, I would like to state that please decide wisely if you want to use this mod application even after understanding the cons.

Thank you!

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