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WhatsApp is one of the best and most popular social media chatting platforms. Which is used by almost every individual in India having a smartphone. Whatsapp was developed in 2009 by Jan Koum and Brian Acton. 

Eventually, it became very popular worldwide, and in India. In this modern era, every person who has a smartphone will have WhatsApp. It has revolutionized people’s communication globally. It quickly became a go-to platform for instant messaging, voice calls, and video calls across various devices.

But still, Whatsapp lacks some advanced and rich features that the modified versions of Whatsapp are providing us. And if we have started talking about the modified application for Whatsapp. The first name that might come across your head is, of course, GBWhatsap Pro.

In this post, we will be providing you with a complete overview of GBWhatsapp Pro, Download GBWhatsapp Pro’s latest version, and many more.

So let us get started with collecting the very basic information related to downloading GBWhatsapp Pro

What is GBWhatsapp Pro?

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GBWhatsApp Pro is a modified version of the popular messaging app WhatsApp, developed by third-party creators, offering additional features and customization options beyond what the original WhatsApp provides. It gained popularity among users seeking expanded functionalities and more control over their messaging experience.

You can also download the FMWhatsapp mod application.

GBWhatsapp Pro offers some very advanced features, which are not yet available on the official Whatsapp app. We will be discussing all the rich features of GBWhatsapp Pro Apk

Every coin has two faces, if GBWhatsapp Pro offers additional features it also has some disadvantages. We will be talking about the disadvantages too. 

Advantages/Features of GBWhatsapp Pro

GBWhatsApp Pro, a modified version of WhatsApp, offers several advantages, providing users with additional features and customization options beyond the original WhatsApp. Here’s a detailed overview of its advantages:

GBWhatsapp Pro download
  • Enhanced Privacy Settings

The modified application offers many enhanced privacy options. You can hide blue ticks (read receipts), you can hide your online status, and You can hide the typing indicator. Which provides you with a higher level of control, security and privacy features.

GBWhatsapp Pro is way superior to official Whatsapp if we talk about enhanced privacy features.

  • Customization

 The official Whatsapp does not provide you with many customization options. However, the GBWhatsapp Pro comes with numerous options and many themes, which can be downloaded from the theme store.

The official Whatsapp provide you with only 2 themes, dark and light. However, the mod application comes with many downloadable themes of different genres. This allows you to personalize your chat interface and chat experience.

  • Larger File Sharing

The official app doesn’t allow you to share larger files. And even reduced the quality of shared files, but GBWhatsapp Pro allows you to share large files without reducing its quality. This modification allows for the seamless sharing of larger videos, audio files, documents, and more, exceeding the file size restrictions of the original app.

  • Multiple Account 

Another feature that is helpful and advanced is you can add multiple accounts to your GBWhatsapp Apk. Unlike WhatsApp, GBWhatsApp Pro allows users to run multiple accounts on the same device. This feature is particularly useful for individuals managing personal and business accounts simultaneously.

  • Security

The official app doesn’t allow you to add chat lock or extra features on app lock, it only allows you to add a fingerprint. GBWhatsapp Pro allows you to add a fingerprint/pin/password for your app lock.

And addition to this you can also add a chat lock for certain chats, which means you can protect your privacy with 2 locks.

While GBWhatsApp Pro offers these advantages, it’s essential to note the potential drawbacks. Using third-party modified apps like GBWhatsApp Pro violates WhatsApp’s terms of service. Let us discuss the other face of the coin, DISADVANTAGES.

Disadvantages of GBWhatsapp Pro

Download GBWhatsapp Pro

 GBWhatsApp Pro, while offering additional features and customization options, comes with several disadvantages and risks. Let us discuss some of the disadvantages of the GBWhatsapp Pro.

  • Security Risks

GBWhatsapp Pro is a third-party modified application, which means it is not developed by the official company or run by the official company. It lacks the stringent security measures and encryption standards maintained by the official WhatsApp.

The support staff or algorithm of the official Whatsapp won’t help you if you face any issues in the mod application.

  • Violation of Terms of Service

Using a third-party or modified application of WhatsApp is a violation of the terms and services of the official company. It can even lead to a ban on accounts or numbers registered on official Whatsapp. WhatsApp explicitly prohibits the use of third-party apps like GBWhatsapp Pro.

  • Account Bans

Whatsapp will permanently ban your account if they find you using the third-party modified Whatsapp application. Due to its unofficial nature and violation of terms, users of GBWhatsApp Pro are at risk of having their accounts permanently banned or temporarily suspended by WhatsApp.

  • Privacy Issues

Another disadvantage of the GBWhatsapp Pro is the developers can steal your private data. It isn’t confirmed that all the developers steal your data, but sometimes it is seen that they do steal your chats or data.

Which is one of the biggest drawbacks of the GBWhatsapp Pro modified application.

  • No Regular Updates

Unlike the official WhatsApp, GBWhatsApp Pro might not receive regular updates, including security patches and new features. This leaves users potentially exposed to security vulnerabilities or issues that remain unaddressed.

So, these are some of the main disadvantages of GBWhatsapp Pro. Which makes this app a weak choice. Users should weigh the additional features of GBWhatsApp Pro against the potential risks. If you are fine taking risks you can also download OGWhatsapp.

Let us move forward and understand how to download the GBWhatsapp Pro mod apk.

Download the Latest [v17.88] GBWhatsapp Pro 

To download the GBWhatsapp Pro apk, follow the easy steps given below.

Step 1: Download the app

The very first step is to download the modified application, GBWhatsapp Pro. You must download the application from the button given below which is the safest source across the internet. 

Step 2: Enable settings

Once the application is downloaded, enable installation from Chrome before installing GBWhatsapp Pro. To enable this option open security options from settings and enable the option saying “allow installation from this source [Chrome]”.

Step 3: Install the application

After enabling the setting you can normally install the application. And then log in with your registered mobile number.

Step 4: Log in

You can now log in with your registered mobile number on WhatsApp. But we suggest you log in with your additional number so that if it gets banned your primary account will be secured. Enter your mobile number and then click “Submit”.

Enter the received OTP on the given mobile number and hit submit. You are now logged in to your Whatsapp account with GBWhatsapp Pro. 

Comparison Between GBWhatsapp Pro and Whatsapp

You will get a complete view of the comparison between the official Whatsapp and GBWhatsapp Pro. 

Download GBWhatsapp Pro

Comparison AspectWhatsAppGBWhatsApp Pro
Official AppYesNo (Third-party modification)
SecurityEnd-to-end encryption, high securityPotential security risks
FeaturesBasic messaging, calls, media sharing, group chats, status updates, WhatsApp BusinessEnhanced privacy settings, extensive customization, larger file sharing, message scheduling
Updates and SupportRegular updates, official supportNo official support, irregular updates
PrivacyStrong emphasis on user privacyPrivacy risks due to unofficial nature
LegitimacyCompliant with WhatsApp’s terms of serviceViolates WhatsApp’s terms, may lead to account bans
CustomizationLimited customization optionsExtensive themes, colors, and settings customization
File SharingStandard file size limitationsAbility to share larger files exceeding WhatsApp’s limits
Message SchedulingNot availableAllows scheduling messages for future delivery
Multiple AccountsNot supportedSupports multiple accounts on the same device

This table summarizes the differences between WhatsApp, the official messaging app, and GBWhatsApp Pro, the unofficial modified version, focusing on various aspects such as official status, security, features, support, privacy, and functionality.

Let us move forward and understand some asked questions.

Is GBWhatsapp Pro safe?

GBWhatsapp Pro is mostly safe, but sometimes it may steal your private data. The downloading package may contain some virus if you download it from other sources.

GBWhatsapp Pro

But we guarantee you that if you download the application from our website it is virus-free and never contains any corrupted files. The downloading package is completely safe on our website. You can download the app without any worries. 

What are some of the Risks of GBWhatsapp Pro?

There are certain risks that you need to face if you download the GBWhatsapp Pro apk. 

  • Security Risks

As you know the application is a third-party application, which means it can steal your private data.

  • Account Bans

Accounts are banned or suspended by WhatsApp due to the use of third-party modified apps, potentially resulting in the loss of access to conversations and contacts.

These are the two main risks that some people face after downloading the application. Still, the advanced features that this application provides are worth taking the risk.

Download GBWhatsapp Pro for PC

The GBWhatsapp Pro is not yet developed for your PC devices. But you can still use it through some software We have instructed you in the steps given below. 

Android Emulators
  1. Download any Android emulator on your PC device. It can be Bluestacks, Nox, MeMU, LDPlayer or any other Android emulator of your choice.
  2. Once the emulator is installed, open any web browser in it. Open this blog post on Google and click the download button
  3. Let the application download. Once it is downloaded, install it on your Android emulator on your PC. 
  4. After installing the application, login with your mobile number by entering it and then entering the received OTP.
  5. Now, you can use the GBWhatsapp Pro on your PC device.

Is GBWhatsApp Pro available on iOS?

No, GBWhatsapp Pro is not yet available on IOS devices. Additionally, third-party modified versions like GBWhatsApp Pro often pose security risks, and Apple tends to maintain strict control over what apps are available on their platform to ensure user safety and privacy.

Is GBWhatsApp Pro Free to download and use?

Yes, GBwhatsapp Pro is completely free to download and use. You can download it without any payment through this website and can use it without any hidden charges. These types of modified versions are usually distributed freely by third-party developers.

How is GBWhatsapp Pro different from other third-party apps?

GBWhatsapp Pro is different from other third-party applications because of its various features and customizations. It consists of a lot of themes and customizable fonts and colours. You can choose any theme of your choice from the ocean of themes.

It also provides you with some of the very unique features, like many security features, privacy features, advanced rich features and many more. 

How do I change themes?

In GBWhatsApp Pro, changing themes involves accessing the app’s menu, typically by tapping the three-dot icon, then navigating to “GB Settings” or “Mods.” From there, find the “Themes” option, where you can explore various available themes.

Select a theme of your choice, either by downloading or applying it directly, and restart GBWhatsApp Pro for the new theme to be implemented, transforming the app’s appearance according to your chosen theme’s design and style. 

I think we have gathered all the possible details related to the GBWhatsapp Pro Apk download. Now, you can also read the comparison between GBWhatsapp and Whatsapp.


The modified application is one of the best options to have additional features to your Whatsapp. This will enhance your Whatsapp experience. GBWhatsApp Pro offers more cool stuff for people who want extra things in their messaging app.

I hope you liked the information which I provided you in this article. And I hope this information will help you at some point in your chatting experience. 

You can download the modified application from this source for the safest package available on the internet. If you download any other website’s package, it may contain corrupted files or viruses. But we assure you that our package is completely virus-free.